NTDT patients develop chronic iron overload even without regular blood transfusions1,2

NTDT Overview_Thalassemia severity spectrum

Seen more commonly in people of Middle Eastern, South and Southeast Asian, and Mediterranean descent, NTDT comprises clinically milder forms of thalassemia, including β-thalassemia intermedia, α-thalassemia, and HbE/β-thalassemia.1,2

Patients with NTDT require occasional or no transfusions. Despite these limited transfusion needs, NTDT patients may develop clinically relevant chronic iron overload with serious consequences.1

NTDT patients have increased GI absorption of iron, putting them at risk for iron overload.1

While serum ferritin (SF) can be used as an efficacy marker, it may underestimate iron overload in patients with NTDT. Therefore, it is important to measure both SF and liver iron concentration (LIC) in patients with NTDT.3


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